Active Membership

St. Peter is now, and always has been, a church which calls for full and active participation of its membership. The firm faith in God and full commitment of its people accounts for St. Peter's continued ministry, as it is part of the living body of Christ.


The many fellowship activities, faith journeys, and service projects are driven by a fully active congregation that is energized by people of all ages. Though it is a small church, at St. Peter you will find there is something for everyone, and there are many opportunities to share your gifts and talents.

Annual Projects

We are known in the community for our annual Holiday Bazaar in the fall and our Rummage Sale in the spring, along with church dinners and youth projects which help to support many of St. Peter's outreach projects. An active Women's group and an active Men's fellowship offer leadership for some of the projects.

Christian Education

A strong Christian Education program includes Sunday School for all ages, Vacation Bible School, participation in church camps, and a variety of events and activities for children and youth. Family-oriented faith-nurturing activities are also a part of the fabric of St. Peter.

Music and Art

Music and the arts are driven by a solid and abiding music ministry. St. Peter is also blessed with the creative talents of their organist, Chancel Choir, and Chime Choir. New experiments in InterGenerational drama and arts as participational worship have also been tried and tested at St. Peter. St. Peter's heritage and creative energy make this the ideal setting for these experiments in worship arts.
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